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Capture the Memories: Iconic Photo Opportunities at Durham Wedding Hotels

Set within beautiful grounds and venues of historical significance, Durham is infested with a truly magical collection of the most iconic photography locations that wedding photography could possibly ask for. The view for idyllic backdrops is almost limitless for couples who are having their wedding at private houses or Durham wedding hotels in the area. From stunning cathedral buildings to scenic river banks and from delightful, tiny cobbled streets to sensational, well-kept gardens, Durham really can produce some of the most delightful wedding photography locations in England.

Durham Cathedral

A breathtaking example of architectural brilliance and a place of immense spiritual significance. Each and every wedding is celebrated in a picture-postcard setting at Durham Cathedral. From those important close-ups of the happy couple against the backdrop of ancient walls to a wedding party group photograph taken from a panoramic vantage point over the city, a six-camera shoot of the ceremony, imagine the memories that we can make for you at this extraordinary, heart-stopping destination.


The River Wear

The River Wear winds around Durham City and gives a really scenic, beautiful, quiet place for photo shoots. You can walk down with your partner, husband or wife, wearing your dress and suit alone, holding each other’s hands, and get some photographs with the historic bridge, and green grass river banks in the background to the photos. The River Wear provides space and opportunity for some nice, quietly secluded photographs to be taken without you and your husband or wife even realizing that the photos are being taken.


Durham Castle

Standing high above the city, Durham Castle is a fortress with stamina and resilience that reflects the city’s long years of history and tradition. Durham Castle’s grandeur suits its regal history, and its picturesque location overlooking the River Wear only heightens its appeal as a wedding venue. With beautiful formal lawns running down to the river, capturing the image of a lifetime is guaranteed.


Extravagant Gardens

Durham is full of charm and tranquillity, with a variety of gardens located within and around the historic city. Within these gardens, couples can escape the city for a more intimate setting, and they will find blossoming flowers, well-kept lawns, and a multitude of colours in every direction. The gardens of Durham boast formal, aromatic gardens, natural landscapes such as meadows and woodlands, and even the perfect spot hidden by the trees where couples can take their “I do” snaps.


Sixty-One Durham Hotel

Sixty-One Durham Hotel is the perfect choice for couples with discerning taste who want their wedding photographs to reflect their love of clean lines and modern luxury. Your photographs at the Sixty-One Durham Hotel will be a testament to the best of what contemporary design has to offer, with its modern and minimalistic luxury accommodations. Capture images here that are both modern and minimally furnished, with plenty of white and silver tones in bold statement pieces through Sixty-One Durham Hotel. With its modern, minimalistic design and contemporary accents, this location is perfect for featuring a couple’s fashionable edge and sartorial choices, as photographed for engagement photos, wedding invitations, save-the-date cards, or even for a style book for the bride and groom through Sixty-One Durham Hotel.