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The Romance of Durham: Unique Wedding Themes Inspired by the City

As you may already know, Durham is a city that is steeped in history and culture. With its stunning landscapes and its long history, Durham is exactly where you want to be when you get married. 

If you are in need of inspiration for your wedding theme and are looking for a beautiful wedding venue near Durham, here are some unique wedding themes that are inspired by the city of Durham and all of its romance.

Medieval elegance

We may know Durham is famous for its architecture from the medieval eras, particularly the Cathedral and Durham Castle. If you embrace the medieval heritage of the city in your wedding theme, you’ll be able to choose a venue within medieval fields, such as a historic Manor house or a venue with Gothic architecture. Add in the rich colour palette of gold, red, purple and blue and you really evoke that regal atmosphere that once marched through this city.

Garden romance

As Durham is surrounded by beautiful countryside and gardens it makes much more sense to have your wedding themed around the picturesque setting. A garden inspired wedding could be everything that you need this year, and you can host your event in a garden venue or a historic estate with manicured beautiful grounds. Decorate it with abundant floral arrangements and you choose elements like wood and stone to go alongside the lush greenery. A softer colour palette of pastel tones really gives it that ethereal ambience you’ve been looking for.

By the river

For a romantic wedding theme by the river, look to the River Wear. This is where Durham is situated and is known for its scenic beauty as well as its Riverside walks. A Riverside romantic theme can be a perfect setting for a wedding celebration. Whether you choose a venue that’s overlooking the river or you just incorporate those blue water inspired elements into your wedding decor, you could really bring in the romance here.

A fusion of culture

Durham has a very rich and cultural heritage. There are Anglo-Saxon, Norman and Celtic influences found throughout the city and you can embrace this level of cultural diversity and history with a fusion wedding. Using a mix of Anglo-Saxon motifs and Norman architecture, you can create an eclectic ambience for your guest.

An industrial nod

If you want to be really out there and unique for your wedding this year, think about the industrial chic look that Durham can offer. Durham has a very long history of industrial and coal mining heritage and that can inspire a wedding that is packed with elements that match. Think exposed brick and metal beams are a converted warehouse for your reception. Add elements such as Edison bulb lighting or rustic wood details or even metal accents, a colour palette of neutral tones and metallics with a modern and industrial vibe can really make your wedding stand out.

The best part about all of these themes is that they can be tailored to reflect your preferences and personal style here at Sixty-One Durham.